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Clear the HTML5 Application Cache of an UIWebView

Today we will talk about how the HTML5 application cache is implemented on iOS. And particularly, as HTML5 doesn't offer yet an API to flush the application cache, we will see how we can do so using plain Objective-C.

Virtual reality on iPhone [code inside]

For those who have been waiting for the code of the virtual reality application for iOS, here it is. Note that it has been released under GPL license.

Private properties, methods and ivars in Objective-C

To make nice OO code it is important not to show everything, OO programming requires modesty. But, in objective-c keeping methods, properties, and instance variables private is not as straightforward as in other languages (java for instance) .

Augmented Reality on iPhone using ARToolKitPlus

Augmented reality can be qualified as a "hot topic" in IT, especially since the arrival of all the phone on steroids (iPhone, Android ...) as I like to call them. I'm working on a small application which uses ARToolKitPlus and the new camera APIs of the iPhone SDK4 to display 3D objects in augmented reality. You'll find in this post a video showing how it looks like for now and some explanations about augmented reality. Also I'll release the code under GPL (as ARToolKitPlus is) soon , so stay tuned !

iOS4 and direct access to the camera

The iPhone SDK4 brought a lot of interesting features. Among them the direct access to the camera is a real asset for AR (Augmented reality) applications or in a more general way for all applications processing the image/video to modify it or extract informations. I played around with the new related APIs so I’m going to tell you more about it and share some snippets showing how to use these APIs. If you want to know more about the AVFoundation framework, AVCaptureDeviceInput, AVCaptureVideoDataOutput and AVCaptureSession this article is for you.